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How to Use Video across Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Shopping over the web is the most trending term presently. Pin to pen drive, everything can be availed over the web. However, be it for a pen or pen drive, thousands of shopping sites can be evident by making a simple search. But, only a few of those are successful, and many are moderate.

The reason is simple; one explains about its products/services well, and the other doesn’t. Managing to drive a customer from the conventional offline shopping site to an online platform is not sufficient. The visitor will turn in to purchaser only when he/she spends the same amount of time as of the offline store. And, the videos can be absolutely compliant on his matter.

How A Video Becomes Relevant On A Shopping Site?

Primarily, it’s a matter of keeping the visitor busy with the site. Longer the spent time, more is the interest indicated. Videos can fuel the same interest more significantly than anything else. However, it is important as well to ensure the video is being used in a smarter fashion.

The very first parameter that determines the smarter use of a video is its positioning. For example, an explainer video at the home page of a site is much worthy than plethora of those at other different positions. Well, it doesn’t mean the videos at other pages are cast-off. The point is that the timing of it needs to be intuitive enough.

Take the case of home page explainer video again; it becomes relevant as it conveys perfectly about the aspects that the whole site is going to deliver. Similarly, the video of a shopping site should convince well about the usage to the customer/visitor.

Let The Video Encourage Him/ Her To Spend Some More Time:

Any strategy for the videos over a shopping site should first aim of making it long termed. In other words, the strategy needs to be having the perfect roadmap. This enables the visitor to cling on with the site for different ranges of products. It’s necessary that the product is not up to the mark if someone simply takes a dig at it and jumps over to another. He may not be interested in the time being as well. But, once the video has impressed him/her in the desired fashion, every possibility persists for him/her to check the other videos as well. The process encourages him/her to come back again and again.

Videos Turning the Visitor from a Mere Viewer to a Buyer:

Competition associated with the online shopping might be up to the neck, but, it’s a fact at the same time that there are a very few only those actually prepare the video/product video in a fine-tuned fashion, to be industry worthy. As mentioned above, these people fail to make it worthy on a longer term usage.

A blunder that most of the ordinary online shopping sites commit with their videos is that they just jump on the viewer to make him/her convince about buying the product straightaway, like a desperate sales person dying to meet his/her target. Remember, there are a very few those ascertain the product to buy from the concerned site. In ninety-nine percent of the cases, people feel the necessity of a product and look for the best solution of it over multiple sites. Here comes the role of the video. A compliant video plays that crucial part of amusing the viewer to making him convinced about buying it.

The Idea of Preparing the Video:

As mentioned above, the videos should not be screechy straightaway. Some make it so mawkish that sometimes it becomes annoying and hilarious for the visitor. The approach should be to educate the viewer first. It needs to be able in explaining the features in a technical and significant from business point of view fashion. And, the brand name has to be made stapled in between in a smarter fashion.

First, Make The Buyer Love The Video:

The nicest way to get the tip would be to watch a conventional ad. The common thing about all successful ads is that they all tell a story. The story creates an impression that makes the ad memorable for the viewer. It is a matter of experience to realize that one doesn’t get convince about the product’s functionality unless and until he gets hands-on with it. Rather, it’s the amusement factor of the content that explains the product what for.

Mistakes Should Not Be Repeated:

  • If the above video is divided into two parts, the major one should be for storytelling. In the conclusion part only, you should recommend the product mentioning its features.
  • Things get wrong as people focus on creating the content that elaborates more about the features without being amusing. Here it’s like the above case where you are simply asking him to buy the product now.
  • In short, the features should be mentioned, not the whole explanation of it. In spite, these explanations should be presented in a creative fashion earlier throughout the video.
  • As a result, while talking a dig at the product’s features, the whole amusing video pops-up in the mind of him/her. Now this is something called the impression that provokes the person to try.

Preparing an Explainer Video:

  • Explainer videos are like the must; no matter it’s a shopping site or a complete informative one. And, the explainer videos are different from the product description video.
  • The most important part to take care of an explainer video is its length. A video of couple of minute length is considered the most appropriate for an explainer category. Little lesser than two minutes may work, but it should not be too lengthy.
  • Good news is that one doesn’t have to meander a lot about an idea. There are already plenty, starting from the animated ones to the presentation by a person himself.
  • Being strict about the length, it is highly desired for the explainer video to follow the right order. It should talk about the matter of interest straightaway, rather than any filmy way to showcase, but in a creative fashion. The best way would be to talk about the commonly found issues that your product fixes smartly.
  • In the next part, you can talk about the available ways to fix it, next is to how the particular focuses the way, and finally talk about the ways to be hands-on with it.
  • Explainer videos of the above kinds have been found to be improving the conversion rate by more than seventy percent.

Putting a Company Video:

Some companies love to put a video of their quest. The most recommended way of preparing these videos is using the pictorial presentation method. You can pop-up the sizzling snap of each major achievements of the company with a nice quote accompanying it. A soothing instrumental background score would be fine.

A Case Study/Testimony Video:

Among the videos luring the visitors to buy the product, the study case videos come on the top. Obviously, it has to be in a storytelling fashion. You may let him talk straightaway in his voice, or you may go with the slide show idea chaining the pictures of the person in a way to explain how he/she convinced about using your product.


The tutorial videos are also considered influential on an online shopping site. It’s quite obvious for a person to look for the usage ways post being convinced about the applicability of a product. These tutorial videos are something he looks for. Especially, the tutorial videos are like a must if the product is a technology based, like a smartphone.

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