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Expert Tips for an Amazing Video Resume

Video resume is certainly one of the most bankable ideas currently to rise above the mediocre and come up with something distinguishing. However, it is equally important at the same time to furnish it in the right fashion. Everyone loves to present him/her with something different fashion. Video CVs are of course something refreshing as a concept in contemporary scenario. The best part, the Video CVs don’t rubbish the paper CVs completely. Rather, you can call it a fine-tuned option.

What Makes It Special?

Video CVs have been distinguishing in terms of convincing the employer about what exactly the student wants to convey. It is no doubt feels much more authentic, and the employer can check the confidence level of the candidate in a better fashion. Moreover, the video CVs are most likely to be clicked and gone through, in comparison with the genuine methods.

For whom it’s Like a Must?

Video CVs are not doubted the most buzzed ideas currently and can make your candidature appear comparatively more productive than the others. Video CVs are much looked-for currently for the profiles like sales representative, analyst, reviewer, front-end receptionist, team leaders, etc. Basically, the concept fits with the position that looks for a candidate with impressive personality. It can also be significant for the managerial positions where the candidate has to deal with extensive man-power handling.

It’s already a Hot Idea; Have No Doubt about Its Acceptance

Video CV as a concept is not currently an introductory term at all. Hence one should not be having absolutely any doubt in mind about whether the employer would accept or not. Rather, it is being suggested by many professional jobs providing sites. In fact, most of the students are asking the concerned sites to prepare one Video CV for them. According to a leading site for the jobseekers, they have already designed more than 10k video CVs for different positions on demand. In fact, the idea is getting more rampant in recent time.

How It Got So Hot So Quickly?

The widespread use of technology is said to be having a great role in making the concept of Video CV such popular. Internet connectivity and web camera options have gone too common presently. Hence, preparing a video CV is not appearing as a demanding idea. One of the interesting statistics here is to mention that the probability of a video CV to be clicked is about eight times higher than the conventional options.

The positive outcomes associated with the idea are of course plenty at the moment. But, being a professional aspect it needs to be prepared in the most professional fashion. On this context, here we present the handy tips recommended by experts to drag the most of your Video CV.

The Must Know Points For Preparing A Video CV:

  • When it comes about preparing a Video CV that can be termed up to the mark, the very first thing to have in mind is that there is absolutely no genuine rule available for it.
  • Talking about the most suitable length for a Video CV, it varying in between 2-3 minutes is considered a better option. Rather, if it’s a CV for fresher profile, a 1-2 minute video can also be a biddable option.
  • If it’s a video of 2-3 minutes, the introductory span can be accomplished in the best fashion within the first minute. Accordingly, you can stretch the span considering the length of the video.
  • The idea of initiating the process with the genuine information, like degrees achieved, passing year, etc have become old fashioned. Rather, you should introduce in a way to talk about the facts those make you distinguishing than the others. You have confined time on this aspect. Hence, make sure the presentation is crisp, to the point, and appealing.
  • It’s a formal presentation; hence, you should not repeat the mistake of concluding the presentation without a Thank You.
  • As mentioned above, the idea of video CV is for a better presentation. Hence, your gestures involve a higher importance. The most recommended suggestion on this aspect is to sit at a position from where the vision could be set straight on the camera. You should not look nervous or being too excited. A smiley and energetic appearance can be a better way.
  • Attires have been very crucial while being up for a professional interview. It is therefore advised to come up with nice formal attire for a truly professional appeal. You can wear blazers, but the casual get-ups are strictly not recommended. Above all, it should be comfortable enough.

Tips To Fine-Tune Your Video CV:

  • While preparing a video CV on which you can bank with, maintaining the right surrounding matters the most. Make sure the place you are sitting at is not too disturbing or noisy. It should be an enclosed chamber with a nice and simple background without posters or something like that.
  • Talk in a confident tone to let your points conveyed in the best fashion possible. On this context, it is always advised to have some practice prior the final shoot. Make the pronunciations flawless and check the functionality of the speaker for a better outcome.
  • Sometimes people feel too candid to miss the desired seriousness for an interview with a video CV being at their own place. This is where the confidence is mistaken. You must feel confident, but never really be over-confident.

Certain Blunders Must Be Avoided:

Video CVs are getting viral. However, the scenarios of these getting rejected is also pretty plenty. Especially, the following mistakes are quite common.

  • One of the very common scenarios for your candidature being rejected is the instance when you try to cover-up or say something that contradicts your paper CV.
  • People try to bluff the employer by pronouncing something in a befuddling way. It’s important to understand that the employers are even smarter to pick these tricks. This strategy is an absolute blunder no matter how crucial term it talks about.
  • One of the common mistakes seen to be committed to general is not putting a proper end to the video. These people often put higher emphasis while talking about their skills or qualifications, but ignore the aspect of maintaining the format in proper fashion. As a result, they miss the magnetism of the video.
  • It is important to have it in mind that the prime intention of a video CV is to lure the employer about your personality, as a paper CV could have also done the job of talking about the degrees. Hence, it holds a greater value to have proper initiation and ending to the video.


The idea of impressing through Video CV is not very new, though; it’s been there since past 4-5 years. Well, the most important point about a Video CV is to understand its purpose. It is crucial to realize that video CVs are meant to talk about that makes you something unique from others, and the uniqueness should be a matter of interest for the employers. Once you have sorted out this uniqueness, and presented in the desired fashion, your job is almost done. Next, you have to take care of the technical parts, like the shooters or speakers for the best outcome.

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