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Best Practices for Using Video in e-Learning

Interest for e-learning was always there and so the attempts of making these available in the best fashion over the web. Things are more encouraging about these in present times with the World Wide Web showing growing favour towards the videos. Needless is to mention that the videos are the most preferred ways for e-learning.

Anyway, it’s a fact at the same time that going with the same conventional ideas of preparing the e-learning videos may not be convenient in present scenario. It needs to be primed in a smart and prolific way, especially focussing for the e-learning.

For A Better Data Presentation:

Talking about the revamps needed for the e-learning videos, the aspects like improving the video quality, sound quality and so the right ways of data interpretation appear at the top. Techniques like the animated explanations, slide show presentations, pop-up images, etc., have emerged to be making the video e-learning process more enjoyable, in terms of information presentation. However, the best of the ways mentioned above can be dragged only when the video quality is of top-notch quality.

Set The Classroom Mood:

Most of the video e-learning attempts fail as these don’t set the right environments around. Preparing the e-learning shoot at a casual surrounding is obvious to deliver a not-so-impressive video quality.

The simplest and most effective idea would be to set an environment that is absolutely in accordance with a classroom. Discriminations like the classroom for an e-learning video as the virtual classroom and a conventional as the real classroom are responsible for neglected surroundings, and hence the poor picture quality, in case of the former.

An Interactive Video Is Preferable:

It would be evident upon taking a close observation on the e-learning videos that the videos with a casual surrounding are never much interactive. On the other hand, the contemporary demand for the e-learning video prioritizes on making the process absolutely intuitive. It is important to understand that all audiences of the e-learning videos are not necessarily the ones looking for the very rudiments. Be it the beginners as well, someone really interested in learning through your video is obvious to be coming cross with multiple questions. In short, the success of an e-learning video depends upon how well someone incorporates the interactive section.

There are many ways of making the process intuitive. Especially, the following ones can be absolutely significant.

  • Intuitiveness with the e-Learning can be live and through comments. The live interaction is no doubt the most expressive ways, but, it’s a fact at the same time that the concerned person needs to be absolutely confident and experienced about the topic. Starting from the connectivity, audio quality to the visuals, everything needs to be of optimum level.
  • However, these live interactions are applied only when both the conveyer and the audience are equally experienced. This is so as a comparatively beginner would love a video for e-learning to be visually appealing, presenting the points in a catchy fashion, through flow-charts, statistics, images, animations, even the live demos; rather than preparing it like a mere question answer session.
  • Again, a live interaction is not a very suitable option as well when it comes about explaining the step-by-step procedures. These steps become more enjoyable upon being presented in action modes.
  • One of the advantages of the back-end interaction or through the question answers is that it is effective in terms of avoiding the unwanted questions. The learner gets a chance to go through the videos well to understand the aspect, rather than putting the questions straightaway.
  • Most of the e-Learning fans are the professionals. Live demo is not really a suitable option to address these groups of people as it’s not possible at all to match their times and of yours. Instead, they would love to have these videos through subscriptions, over their mails. Hence, it is important to make sure there is a download option available.

Video Tutorials Those Exemplify Well:

Examples work with all. The rule is perfectly applied perfectly in case of the e-learning videos as well. Explaining the examples in many occasions have been found to be not so impressive.

These feel like pretty much the same thing as of a theoretical presentation. However, the examples with an e-Learning video are much appealing through the live presentations, pictorial presentations or the case studies.

E-Learning Videos for Promotional Activities:

Video tutorials for promotional activities are considered one of the biddable ways in present scenarios. Those like explaining the functionality of the features of a smartphone, talking about the usability of a new product, the steps to download or installation of a new app, etc. fall under the category.

There can’t be any better option than the e-Learning videos to deal with these aspects. The best part, one doesn’t need those extra visual effects or animations to explain about these things. All you need is a perfect place to shoot these videos and the flawless video and audio quality.

Best to Talk about the Tips:

E-learning videos have emerged as one of the favourite ways to talk about the social media tips and tweaks. Similarly, it has turned out to be one of the fulfilling options for the bloggers as well to talk about the blogging tips.

In fact, having a video on the home page of a site/blog is currently one of the most trending ways of optimization. Preparing these videos doesn’t involve hefty expenses apart from the flawless communication skills.

Objects Making the E-Learning Videos More Interesting:

An e-learning video would demand the right stuff for the right activities. Upon having these amenities ready, the e-learning videos can be prepared in a qualitatively enhanced fashion.

The best part of explaining things through the objects is that it makes things visually appealing as well as technically gettable. For example, if certain texts have to be displayed, rather than using the same white boards or papers as of the antique days, the slides or the animation ways could be an enchanting option to go with. From a learner’s point of view, these slides become more convenient to sort the important points out, rather than going through the long unwanted explanations.

E-Learning Videos in Series:

The e-learning videos with easy download option, and free subscriptions are preferred more than the others. Similarly, the e-learning videos those come in a series are more effective than the one-timer. These videos coming in a series have been enthusiastic for the learners. Those coming in parts come in an ideal length; hence, let the learner a better scope for understanding.

How to Play With The Quality And Connectivity:

One of the interesting facts about the e-learning videos is that the video makers often prefer these to be available over the free platforms, rather than the paid ones. It’s the huge audience what they want the most, and the free platforms, of course, can fulfil the same in the best way. On this context, the videos quality depends upon the connectivity and the purpose of the video.

For example, if the connectivity is slower, a little-compromised quality can also do the job for an e-learning video as these don’t include the minute objects those need to be viewed clearly. On the other hand, if the video has to be visually enhanced, the connectivity has to be taken care of.

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