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18 Ways to Use Humour in Your Next Video

Forget about those hefty claims; if you want people to see, listen, or just to spend some time with you or your product, then it has to be amusing. The rule is perfectly applied no matter it’s an explainer video or a movie. And, there is nothing more difficult than to amuse someone, especially in a stressful lifestyle of present days. Well, the following compilations of tips are obvious to make things look away lot simpler in comparison. It’s especially handy for those are up for preparing an explainer video.

Don’t Take It For Granted:

Remember, one who is not happy is impossible to make anyone else. Hence, the aim of adding humour within the video should not be a burden. Just prepare the contents you want to convey and think how you would talk about it while being in the happiest phase of mind. Definitely you are going to get a way.

Mistakes Are Your Treasures:

Take any movie of humour genre. What they do? They just present someone in trouble in a funnier fashion. Someone getting slipped on the floor if not gets too hurt is funny for others. Similarly, remember about the silly mistakes you made while preparing the video; it will give some idea.


When you get clueless, fight remains the only option. This idea can work excellently for your aim of making a video amusing. It can be even more humorous to present the fight scene in slow motion. Preparing the script is not so difficult as well; you can simply talk about how people/ two people are fighting among each other and at the same time the features should be conveyed.


This is a straightforward option for those like explainer videos. In fact, often the explainer videos are preferred to be prepared as the animated explanatory videos. Pick a funny animated character and scratch your brain a bit about how it could poke fun on your products. Certain good ideas will pop-up.

What If This Was That:

It’s such a compliant idea of producing fun! How would President Obama be looking with Michale Jackson hairstyle? What if Mark Henry does a cat walk wearing gown and high heels or would look in bikini? What if Donald Trump does a belly dance? Think something like this for your product; viewers can’t stop laughing.


This is a common trick used by the commercials. A deodorant spray hardly seduces a girl, or saving a lonely girl has anything to do with someone’s underwear. But, these explanations work, and people buy the product, simply because it’ amusing. Think about something that can be relevant to your product; it will work.

Gender Bender:

This is a great trick. Pick a person who is a very good actor with these tricks. If your product is more appropriate for a boy, imagine how it would have appeared with a girl. Dress a guy as a girl; it would rather be more humorous than a girl itself.

Candid Dance:

Is there anything more amusing than a candid untrained dance? Why don’t pick the same for your purpose? Prepare the content as someone is very happy with your product and is dancing in joy. The best part, you would have to put less stress on content this way, and no need to think about the choreography as well.


An explainer video is generally of a couple of minutes unless a special case appears. One or two punch lines in the script for such a little length can be enough. Look for the humor/meme on the product of your video through Google; it will shower you with ideas. However, just revamp a bit or present it your way to be authentic.

Think What If The Product Was Not There:

Imagine a case when no public toilet is there, and someone feels the pressure. You don’t be that someone; let it be the funniest guy in your gang. How would he have reacted? Simply bone tickling; isn’t it? Similarly, just take you product and imagine how the same funny guy would miss it. You got what you want.

Let The Critics Go Gaga And You Shameless:

The best part of being shameless is that the criticisms appear like the funds. Be that shameless for a moment, ask your biggest foe and let him make the harshest fun on the product you are going to prepare the video for. You will shortlist some absolutely authentic punches.

Make It Flop:

Imagine how it would be if the concerned product you are preparing gets flopped. Imagine the technique you applied is presented in a flawed fashion. This will not only give you an idea of finding the humour quotient but will help in preparing the whole content itself.


It’s matter of a couple of minutes at maximum. Nothing really to get surprised if someone feels it difficult to find the right humour content for such a stiff length. The best idea hence would be to incorporate funny sound clips. The laughing meme for example; talk about how the product’s absence you felt in a funny way and accompany the audio with it. It appears much more humorous this way.

Make It Intuitive:

Talk about the product in a humorous fashion with just anyone, no matter how bad you are about making humours. Definitely, the person in front will comment something about it, and maximum possibilities hold of it being a perfectly humorous content.

A Funny Man:

If you are a good actor or know someone who is good in acting, your job is half done. Pick any funny character like Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, etc., and present the key specs of your product the way they would have presented it. It’s going to be absolutely funny once he script is prepared in a compliant fashion.


This is another cool idea. Let a dog get dressed in formal suits, a cat in gown and both converse about product.

It might be a bit expensive to prepare such videos, but will be much amusing once upon being prepared in a flawless fashion.

Make It News:

Present it like your product is all hype and you are the news anchor talking about it. Now, you know how exaggerated and sensational fashion, with a lot of flashes the news these days are being prepared. Just pick the format, write an overwhelming script for your product and the job is done.

However, a bit special care has to be taken with the scripts while preparing these contents.

Finger Action:

This is a cool idea. Dressing the nails in various forms, like a shoe, a face, making the fingers dance are already the rocking ideas among the ad makers; nothing wrong to apply the same trick in your case as well. You have to be a little more creative, though.

Hand signs with background audio are also one of the cool ideas of making a video amusing. And, this is one of the simplest one to perform. All you need is preparing a few slides and a script to be talked in background.

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