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Why Create Explainer Videos


Video Marketing Tips & Strategy for Success in 2016

Video Marketing is no doubt the buzz part of the digital platform at present. The number of viewers here is just immense. There is every reason for the concept to be incredibly successful, starting from intuitiveness, conversion rate, and the adaptability. However, in such a faster-growing scenario, it is obvious …

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Video Marketing Statistics – Powerful Stuff for 2016

Statistics are always considered the best ways of analysing the facts. Especially, these analytic ways have been handy for the people involved with marketing or similar activities. Video marketing dragging the highest attentions these days is natural to be putting a higher emphasis on the analytic numbers. Sticking with the …

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Five Common Myths about 360 Degree Video

The best way to know something is trending is when myths start appearing about it. Something like this is going on currently for 360-degree videos courtesy all those vibes it is getting. The 360-degree video has been revolutionary in many aspects for many industries. Hence, the myths are also quite …

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The Five Golden Rules of Corporate Video Production

Business is competitive in nature. Any business thrives only by outrivaling competition. This factor has led to numerous innovations to promote business and stay ahead of the competition. The corporate sector is getting complex with each passing day. There are many policies, regulations, ethics established every day and what we …

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How to Make an Animatic (Making an Animated Movie)

The first thing here is to mention that animatic is different from the term animation. The simplest definition in this regard would be to understand that animatic is video storyboard, in the form of a slide presentation you can say, nicely blended with the voice over. No doubt, the sound …

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Disrupting the Narrative: Telling Stories with 360-Degree Video

The 360-degree video is one of the amazing ideas, especially regarding its productiveness. It has been already proved to be significant in the case of online marketing arena, presenting a tutorial or during product demonstrations. The awesomeness of the idea is also evident while preparing a party video or for …

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The Insider’s Guide to Motion Graphics Video

Motion Graphics is a revolutionary technology on a digital platform that blends images, texts with the ultimate video. The graphic combination has been effective both with both background audio and live score. Well, it’s a high-tech concept having its applicability mostly in big budget flicks. Good news is that web …

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