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Why Create Explainer Videos


Animation Is As Old As Civilization

Based on the factual evidence, the development of writing is somewhat older than 5000 to 6000 years and probably more. The development of civilization has been roughly noted as 10000 years old. However; animation, that chooses to be using multiple images for giving a combine illustration of motion, has been …

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7-Inforgraphic Topics You Should Avoid

Videos in e-Learning heighten motivation, stimulate brainstorming and appeal to varieties of e-learning requirements. It’s absolutely easy for e-learning professionals to make their kind of e-Learning videos, but hard for the general public. Use of e-Learning videos will shower numbers of benefits on both you and your audience. The e-Learning …

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12 Tips to Create Effective ELearning Storyboards

An effective storyboard is a vital tool for the e-Learning professionals. Almost every online course that has been regarded as successful you can find solid foundation in common. If any stable structure is not preferred while creating the e-Learning deliverable the aspects of e-Learning course would suffer. The e-Learning storyboards …

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What Is Video Blogging And Advantages Of Videos?

Almost everyone must be acquainted with the term blogging; video blogging is just another form of blogging in simple words. Sometimes the video blogging is called as Vlog. Video blogging is done with the help of videos that are created with the purpose of promotion. The created video is either …

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Fun Infographic Depicts Evolution of Marketing Automation Tools

According to a provider of CRM tools for sales and marketing, the evolution of the marketing automation services is considered to be similar as the modern robotics. The marketing automation tools are no longer expensive or confusing or difficult for getting integrated with other services. Within last three years, the …

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Top 12 Principles of Animation

It’s all the magic of Walt Disney which has been noticeable to the world after 30s. The quality and level of animation was insufficient for the upcoming advancing days to create new story lines. Classes were established to upgrade the level, but before that the animations were created with little …

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Infographic Design

Info-graphics is not a new concept for modern business. Holding the potentiality to bring up a significant impact on any promotional business from product marketing and content to PR and social media; info-graphics has become an important part of any business platform. It is the finest and most influential way …

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