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How to Boost Cyber Week ROI with Video and GIF Marketing

Cyber has gone viral platform for marketing with the boosting features. So what is your planning for this Cyber Week? The best ROI services are deployed by Cyber. Intending for Video and GIF Marketing in the Cyber Week you can boost up your business in an incredible manner. You can’t …

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15 Reasons to Use Animation in Content Marketing

Being a business person you must be aware that marketing is the imperative strategy to grow your business! The commonly used buzzwords by the marketers are “Content Marketing”, “Online Marketing” and “Inbound Marketing”. The brands which are capable of sourcing rich contents have established themselves in the market. The online …

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How to Succeed As a Voiceover Artist in the Digital Age

Learning digital arts and acting will create a wide array of professional opportunities. Entering into the industry as a voiceover artist can be a remarkable way to make your name prominent. The problem is that the opportunities are uncertain for the voiceover artists. Plus, it’s not always clear what offers …

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Storyboarding 101: Turning Concepts into Visual Forms

What the Storyboarding generally is? People also often search for this question today. Storyboarding is nothing but a series of pictures captured in separate frames for outlining ideas of storytelling with creative descriptions about anything. Pictures speak louder than words and storyboarding has proved it true. Stories can be told …

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Expert Tips for an Amazing Video Resume

Video resume is certainly one of the most bankable ideas currently to rise above the mediocre and come up with something distinguishing. However, it is equally important at the same time to furnish it in the right fashion. Everyone loves to present him/her with something different fashion. Video CVs are …

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