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5 Video Techniques That Spice Up Boring topics

Face Expressions

There are thousands of people making videos and uploading them on internet but very few of them become popular. One reason can be the sensational content of the video. However, from an advertiser’s point of view, videos are for promotion and information which lack the spark to get people interested …

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Forget about ‘Creating a Viral Video’

Viral Video

There is no recipe for a perfect viral video. Our social media timelines are flooded with videos with thousands of views that are going viral every second. No expert can guarantee whether your video will be able to make it big in the online world or not. Living in such …

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Videos Outperform All Other Content On Facebook

Facebook Video

Did you notice the recent changes in the way Facebook is auto playing videos in your timeline? This minor but significant change in the way Facebook has given importance to videos means a lot to you. As a marketing professional or business owner, video marketing is one of your primary …

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Aakash Live : The Revolutionary Live Classroom Program

Are you an Engineering or Medical aspirant, or are you preparing for your school or board exams? And don’t have access to high quality coaching nearby? Don’t worry. After hundreds of excellent nationwide study centres, now the reputed Aakash classroom coaching comes directly to your home with its revolutionary Live classes program, the …

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Do you know what is challenging about video for SEO. Let’s find out

Among the many promising verticals, of the verticals that have been a challenge universally is the SEO vertical. The SEO industry has many service providers. The industry needs more people to indulge in the services and hence providers are encouraging stay at home adults and students to take this up …

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E-book promotion : Get noticed today!

As discussed in all our previous posts, short videos make a fruitful change to many products, services, organizations and even book launches. We had discussed previously, that explainer animated videos are marking a great change for book launches. The idea is while a film company can release a movie based …

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