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Benjibox Clear Shoe Boxes

Benjibox: Clear Shoe Boxes

Running Late !! Can’t find the pair shoes you are looking for. Need help organising your shoes. Only Benjibox clear shoe drawers will do. Shoe racks often aren’t big enough to hold all your shoes and don’t protect them from dust. Card shoe boxes are’nt see through. And even worse, …

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Su-Kam: Off Grid – Solar Power System

Introduction: Solar Power System Solar power is a free source of energy. You can use this free and unlimited energy source to run electrical appliances in your house. You can charge your battery at the same time as well. You also save money by not using the electricity from the …

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Vigyaa: EdTech App “How To” Video

Welcome to Vigyaa a learning platform that encourages engagement and creates interest for today’s students. At Vigyaa, we believe in step by step learning to maximize retention In this video, we will show you how to best utilise the extensive content that we provide you. After logging in the app, …

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Verizon Wireless | Detective Test Man | Solly Labs

A chicken leg is a rare dish.” “A rare dish, indeed, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I’m a Test Man, and this my story. I serve on an elite investigative force of men and women, that make sure the Verizon Wireless network is tops. My …

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Go Eval App

Envision the future of forms. They’re a part of business – and a part of life. And at GoEval… we’re changing the business of how you do business, simply by changing the future of forms. Everyone uses forms, and if you’re a healthcare professional, building inspector, contractor, teacher, or legal …

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Aakash Live : The Revolutionary Live Classroom Program

Are you an Engineering or Medical aspirant, or are you preparing for your school or board exams? And don’t have access to high quality coaching nearby? Don’t worry. After hundreds of excellent nationwide study centres, now the reputed Aakash classroom coaching comes directly to your home with its revolutionary Live classes program, the …

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Su-Kam: Off Grid – Solar Power System

Introduction: Solar Power System Solar power is a free source of energy. You can use this free and unlimited energy source to run electrical appliances in your house. You can charge your battery at the same time as well. You also save money by not using the electricity from the grid. To use solar power, you need to install a solar power system in your house. There are three types of solar system – DC system, off-grid and on-grid solar system. In this video, we will understand how off-grid solar power system works.   Off Grid Solar Power System Off-grid solar system is an independent system that uses the electricity coming from the solar power station. It converts the solar energy into electricity for usage while charging the battery. Mains and Solar charge controller are built inside an off grid solar system. With the help of solar charge controller, you …

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How to Make a Commercial Video for Your Business?

Marketing Mix is essential for every business’ growth and commercial video contents are giving high visibility to the audience. Though commercial video contents are a little higher compared to the print advertisements, it can give your business a Supreme growth. For producing commercial videos for your business, you need an organization as well as effective planning for the production. Planning is must as it will help organizing the requirements of commercial video contents creation. Making a well-toned and good commercial video is all about formulating a message that could speak to audience on behalf of your business. Therefore, crafting a production plan is crucial and should remain within the limits of your video skills. With the help of appropriate planning and effective production, everyone can produce a commercial video that can win over your market audiences. Commercial video contents are one of the finest forms of mass communication ideal for …

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18 Ways to Use Humour in Your Next Video

Forget about those hefty claims; if you want people to see, listen, or just to spend some time with you or your product, then it has to be amusing. The rule is perfectly applied no matter it’s an explainer video or a movie. And, there is nothing more difficult than to amuse someone, especially in a stressful lifestyle of present days. Well, the following compilations of tips are obvious to make things look away lot simpler in comparison. It’s especially handy for those are up for preparing an explainer video. Don’t Take It For Granted: Remember, one who is not happy is impossible to make anyone else. Hence, the aim of adding humour within the video should not be a burden. Just prepare the contents you want to convey and think how you would talk about it while being in the happiest phase of mind. Definitely you are going to …

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Introducing New Fonts for Global Video Communication

Things are sweeter being conveyed in native language. It’s just impossible to be creative about an aspect unless and until someone realizes it in his/her on own language. But, it’s a fact at the same time that you never know great talent remains within the shades forever, just because of language barrier. Anyway, technology sees no discrimination; it’s the same around the globe for people of all languages. It’s a fact to be admitted that technology has played a great role in breaking the fences of languages by making key technological concepts available in multiple languages. On this context, good news is that this time technology has come up with yet another revolutionary idea. More interestingly, it is concerned with one of the most hyped marketing ways of contemporary times, the animated explanatory videos. In straight words, now it is possible to prepare the explanatory animated videos in any language …

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How to Use Video across Your Customer’s Buying Journey

Shopping over the web is the most trending term presently. Pin to pen drive, everything can be availed over the web. However, be it for a pen or pen drive, thousands of shopping sites can be evident by making a simple search. But, only a few of those are successful, and many are moderate. The reason is simple; one explains about its products/services well, and the other doesn’t. Managing to drive a customer from the conventional offline shopping site to an online platform is not sufficient. The visitor will turn in to purchaser only when he/she spends the same amount of time as of the offline store. And, the videos can be absolutely compliant on his matter. How A Video Becomes Relevant On A Shopping Site? Primarily, it’s a matter of keeping the visitor busy with the site. Longer the spent time, more is the interest indicated. Videos can fuel …

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Tips for Making a Mobile-Friendly Video for Your Business

Videos over the smartphones are a big thing these days from business point of view. Statistics say that the videos eat about fifty-five percent of total data. More interestingly, more than ninety percent of the users love to share the videos over smartphones. More interestingly, about at least one and half an hour a day is spent watching the videos by the above groups of people. In short, preparing a video (especially a business video) being specific for the smartphones is obvious to get higher interest. Preparing the Most Lucid Audio Quality: What makes the videos over the smartphones such cool is that there is nothing called a barrier with the combination. One can watch a video over the mobiles at any place as he wishes. No matter its travel through the train, about killing times at platform or taking a cool break in office, the videos have been enchanting …

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Humanizing Your Brand with Corporate Animation

With the growing competition, several companies are facing crisis in the modern era. The trust of the consumers on the bran is an imperative factor but with the growing competition people aren’t any more trusting on the brands. The corporations are seen as faceless profit makers by the consumers because of the sentimental tales of corruption that happens in the big industries. Any message with the advertisements from the corporate brand is investigated and examined with extra effort. With such fact, the companies need a straightforward solution. Consumers trust the people more than the brands which reflect the fact for the brands to humanize the concept as well as the brand. Several Misconceptions Have Been Developed By Entrepreneurs Related With Animated Videos There are several misconceptions that real people are required for the videos to make it live action as the product is human based. Some even argue that with …

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Why You Can (and Should) Spend More Money on Your Explainer Video?

Have you ever tried to explain something in an influencing way? Were you able to keep your audiences engaged? What pattern of explanation did you follow? For any business, these questions are very imperative to get acquainted with. With the changing pattern of business, every business needs to take a part in the innovative technology that would make a way out for the business to the higher limits at the top level. So, are you able to give the answers to the questions inquired about? Is it satisfying and did it prove to be beneficial for your business improvement? Certainly there are a lot of questions that needs to be answered for the businesses that can be highly beneficial for you and your business. Why Explainer Videos? Have you ever gone through the explainer videos? Explainer videos are the descriptive format of producing any information related with the product or …

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Best Practices for Using Video in e-Learning

Interest for e-learning was always there and so the attempts of making these available in the best fashion over the web. Things are more encouraging about these in present times with the World Wide Web showing growing favour towards the videos. Needless is to mention that the videos are the most preferred ways for e-learning. Anyway, it’s a fact at the same time that going with the same conventional ideas of preparing the e-learning videos may not be convenient in present scenario. It needs to be primed in a smart and prolific way, especially focussing for the e-learning. For A Better Data Presentation: Talking about the revamps needed for the e-learning videos, the aspects like improving the video quality, sound quality and so the right ways of data interpretation appear at the top. Techniques like the animated explanations, slide show presentations, pop-up images, etc., have emerged to be making the …

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10 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Music for Your Marketing Video

Nowadays the modern trend of business is getting focused on digitalization. Businesses opting for digitalization strategy are able to gain maximum advantages in comparison to the traditional opting businesses. The modern trend of business opting digitalization strategy has proved to be successful.

With digitalization, the world is getting content saturated. Use of internet marketing strategy for brand promotion has indeed proven to be worthy. In the content saturated world, the use of videos has gone widely popular all around world. Video contents are considered to be the most effective way for promoting a brand and getting online visibility.

Videos Help in Generating Maximum Web Traffic

According to a report, maximum of the internet traffic generated is from the videos. The brands develop videos with great concern including several aspects that would be the reason of gaining attention of the valuable and potential online customers and thus the webs traffic generated would increase the page rank of the brand’s website on the search engine.

Not every video developed by the brand can be helpful; the brands need to develop a good video that would be user engaging. Such user engaging video contents with informative and entertaining contents would be well accepted by the users.

The Music Section Is An Imperative Part Of Video Content Creation!

If you are planning to develop a video content for your brand promotion or for marketing your products or services, then you must give deep concentration towards the music section of the video.

The user engaging contents are certainly of short time span with relevant topics, but music section plays an imperative role in keeping the user engaged with the content or video clip. There are many principles you need to follow for creating a user engaging video content with the best music selection. It is advised to the video creators to secure a special section of budget for the music works in the video.

Don’t Ruin Your Video with Bad Music

There are several examples of videos getting ruined with bad music. So you must assure to use the best and trendy music pattern that would attract your audiences. The background music in the video implies how the video would be perceived by the audiences.

The music selection of your video must be done in a right way so that the video would look professional and the viewers would develop trust on your brand through the video. This can take an imperative part of increasing your sales and turnover. With the best idea choose the right music track of music that would be appropriate for your video and concept.

1. Music with Lyrics or Only Instrumental

If your video includes a lot of narration and dialogue, then it is wise to opt for instrumental music pattern. The message of the concept in the video must be delivered clearly with the sweet tune humming in their ears. With such strategy, the video would be able to create an impression in minds of your audiences that would last for a long time.

2. Music Tone Must Be Appropriate

Alike the imperativeness of finding the right song for the video content, finding the right tone is even imperative. The musical instruments used for music creation with the vibe of song must be compliant with the story intended to be delivered. The music selection must be done by the person having sensuous knowledge regarding music patterns. You can pick several videos developed by big brands that would help you in selecting the best music pattern for your video.

3. Don’t Give Music Input At Last

Music mustn’t be reserved for last step of the video creation process. There are several videos and even films which are the outputs of the musical inspiration. An effective video can be created when the music is allowed to guide the editing of the video at the end. This creates a strong bond between the video and music. This offers the advantage of making the video precise with the music pattern.

4. Music Selection with Video Goal

What kind of video you are developing must be finalized before finalization of the music track. You may be developing an entertaining video or an informative video content. In such cases, the music pattern must be varying depending on the goal of the video. If music selection is done inappropriately then it may be the reason of distracting the valuable viewers.

5. Music Defines the Mood of the Video

Music plays an imperative part in expressing the mood of the video. It’s upon you to decide the mood of the video according to your requirement. Positive, provoking or aggressive are few of the examples that can be expressed early with the help of music selection. Make your viewers feel relaxed, happy, and sad or pumped with the appropriate selection of music pattern.

6. Avoid Using Popular Music Theme

While developing a corporate video, you intend to create market for your brand, product or services. With the appropriate music selection, your intention can be justified. If you are planning to use a popular music thinking that your viewers would like it, you are wrong over here. Never use any popular music theme for your corporate video. You could face copyright actions from the original music producers, and even this can be reason of distracting your viewers.

7. Music License Must Be Achieved

Before using any existing music theme but not popular, you need to ensure that you have the granted permission of the original music producer. You need to purchase the right license for the track. Before facing any complicacy with the copyright acts, you can get helped by the music licensing company. You can avoid any such ethical issue with perfect planning. You would never like to get your video flagged and removed from the online base as it would create bad impression for your brand.

8. Don’t Commit Any Music Track Instantly

List out your possible list of music tracks as per your choices; this would reflect your proficiency. You must try few alternatives before purchasing the license. You can find the previews available which can be downloaded and tried safely.

9. Use Loops

It is advised by the experts to choose the music available with loops. You can personalize your own track by combining the individual loops ad create a soundtrack of desired length and instruments.

10. Use of Intro and Outro Music

The music plays a featured role in opening or closing of the video. The music can even act as a set of video bookends. Such use of bookends in the video helps in setting the tone of the video and holding your message together it delivers the best output with completion. This can be done by pairing music with any relevant image for 2-3 seconds. Ensure the volume of the music to be well balanced at respective points that help you in dividing your video into chapter.


Above mentioned are the most effective 10 tips for selecting the ideal music for your marketing video. These tips shall help you in making a well-defined, expressive and user engaging video content. Along these, you need to give specific concern on the budget that can be affordable for you. You can also further proceed to hire a music composer who would create a unique, fresh and relevant music piece for your video. Whatever option you opt for, it must be beneficial for you and your brand compelling your brand’s goal that is successfully establishing your brand, product or service. This can be done with the help of effective video content.

A Simple Guide to Help You Get Started With Video Content

The current report says that people are spending huge time in watching videos online as they spend on social media. It’s certainly a dramatic shift within couple of years. Video contents are taking over the world.

After Google, YouTube is the most accessed search engine. With such incredible access ratio, the businesses have started incorporating videos as one of its marketing tools. Operating a business includes several decisions that need to be done with high responsibility. You must keep in mind one thing, integrating a video is not simple as creating a video.

Video Must Be Created With Relevant Content

A video must be created effectively with relevant contents which would turn out to be successful offering big rewards. An outstanding video can be proved with its engaging contents.

The businesses that have already incorporated the video content strategy are indeed aware of the incredibility, but the businesses that are getting started with the incredible video content marketing strategy need to be aware about the guidelines so that it could be helpful in achieving the goals. You can develop a great video for your business using several of technical tools available, but you need to develop the video with good creative ideas so that you could keep your users engaged.

Why Must Videos Be Incorporated Into Business Marketing Strategy?

  • Video content generates three times of the monthly visitors to your business website in comparison to the other contents you use currently.
  • The websites having video contents are accessed more and visitors spend more time on the website.
  • Organic traffic for the website containing video content in the search engine increases by 157%.
  • After going through a video, the users get more likely to seek information about the related product or service.
  • The purchase ratio increases after going through the video.
  • Consumers are more confident in a product having video.
  • The consumers don’t like to waste time in reading the contents; they are more likely to opt for videos.
  • The videos are more convincing than the other content marketing strategy.

The Online Videos Add Value to Your Brand

The online videos take a great part in adding tremendous value to your brand. The videos are intended for achieving the overall goal of your business like increasing conversion ratio, brand confidence or simply reflect the caring for your consumers. With the incredible technical tools, it has gone easier to create valuable video content.

Among the numerous of best user guides for developing user engaging video content, few of the key steps are suggested below. Following the guides, you could develop high defined user engaging video content that would be the vital reason in increasing your business access as well as turnover.

Simple Guidelines for Creation of Effective Video Content

What Does Your Audience Want?

Before initiating your steps towards video content creation with your high defined creative ideas, you need to find out what your audiences want to listen and view. Choosing the right tool or the camera to shoot is quite easier than finding out about the requirements of the audiences that they intend to vision in the video. This effort to understand the needs of the audiences would add high value to the video.

Before implying the creative idea for developing a video, you need to invest some time to know the requirements of the audience. What they want to know about the brand and what are their opinion about your brand is the key element. Social media conversations, queries, replies, surveys, FAQ, etc. are the key tools that could help you in finding out the requirements and expectations of the audiences.

Identify the Topic and Get It Aligned With Your Goals

After fixing the topic for the video content as per the requirements and expectations of the audiences, you need to consider your brand. The topic of the video must be able to entertain the audiences, and you need to achieve your goal of brand promotion. You need to align the needs of the audiences with the brand’s goal. If aligning the brand objective with the audience’s requirements becomes difficult then you need to drop your idea for some time. This would help you to focus on the valuable ideas for the benefit of brad as well as audience.

Create the Content with High Relevance

After figuring out the requirements of audiences with the amendment with the brand’s goal you could step ahead for creating a video content of high relevance.

Share the Created Video

Once you are done with your video creation that is awesome and user engaging you would upload it on the internet platform, such that it would be ready to get viewed. Our responsibility doesn’t end over here with the upload; you need to share the video as much as you can.

Sharing the video is the only way to get the most effective results. As you would have shared any of your content, you have to share the video likewise and spread it for a longer period.

What Is Success And How To Measure ROI?

This is the most confusing part of video creation. Spending hours for creating an amazing video content goes worthless when the ROI is not satisfactory. You must find out whether the video aligned with your brand’s goal and audience requirements have worked successfully or not.

Focus On 3E’s For Creating Effective Videos

There are 3E’s that are considered to be valuable videos. The videos related and aimed to, Educate the audiences, Entertain the audiences and Engage the audiences are highly successful in the digital marketing strategy. Following these rules of video content creation, you could create a valuable, meaningful and engaging content for the audiences.

Emotions Play a Major Part in Making a Video User Engaging

Along these rules of video creation, you must be aware of few other pieces of advice in terms of psychology and emotions that must be integrated in the video content. Integrating such psychological values in the video, the video would go viral inviting the best ROI.

Happiness, excitement, amazement, inspiration, amusement, contempt, disgust, sadness, warmth, pride, longing, surprise, knowledge, shock, confusion, arousal, fear and anger are the valuable psychological responses that video must aim for. Remember the positive emotions can effectively drive social shares and indicate the success of the video in the social media platform. You must work out for finding the reason of share with the incorporated emotions.

Follow Expert’s Advice and Focus on Key Areas

Experts suggest, for creating an effective video content you need to focus on three key areas which are audience, expression, and participation. Find out whether you are reaching the right audience or not and how conveniently you can reach them and satisfy them. You need to find the number of views of the video from the target demographic.

The video must be able to engage the viewers. You can find the watch time the video can accumulate. You need to find the number of subscribers for your video. You also must find the number of clicks you got through your website. The last but not the least is the participation. You need to find out whether the audience is taking interest in sharing the content or not. If yes, how often is the video being shared?


It really doesn’t matter if you are bursting with video creation ideas or struggling to find one relevant topic, the first video you create must be integrated with the guides as specified and the topic must be manageable. Drafting the initial script ideas down on a paper would be a good beginning.

After organizing your thoughts, the script must be user engaging, and you need to make sure about it. Thus, with this process and guide lines, you would be able to create a good video content. Isn’t this a simple guide that would help you to get started with a video content!

Benjibox: Clear Shoe Boxes

Running Late !!

Can’t find the pair shoes you are looking for.
Need help organising your shoes.

Only Benjibox clear shoe drawers will do.

Shoe racks often aren’t big enough to hold all your shoes and don’t protect them from dust.

Card shoe boxes are’nt see through. And even worse, have lids to open.

Regular clear shoe boxes are fiddly to open and can scratch your hands and shoes.

Ouch !!

Only Benjibox Clear shoe boxes have clear drawers that slide out smoothly. Your shoes are easy to get to and easy to put away.

So staying organised is simple. With little non slip grips under each box, they are stackable. So you can keep adding and adding and adding.

We promise you’ll never be late again. At least not because of your shoes. Buy them online at www.benjibox.com.au

10 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

For the growing effectiveness of video strategies, video interviews are the newest trend that the employers are opting for. In the process of graduate job the employers conduct screening videos with the prospective candidates for the job. If you are a graduate student seeking a job, then it is imperative for you to know about the video interview strategy and get yourself prepared as you begin your job search.

This video interview strategy is followed for better management of the recruiter’s time and also to save the travel expenses. This is the utmost reason for the recruiters opting for video interview.

Digital Interviews Are The Latest Trend!

The digital interviews are the reality of today’s job strategy which is increasing day by day. This video interview strategy helps the recruiters to filter the job expecting candidates in the early stage. Being a graduate student and getting prepared for interviews you indeed must be aware and improve your knowledge regarding video interview.

What Is A Video Interview?

Video interviews are of two types basically; one is live interview, and the other is taped interview. In the live interview, the candidate interacts with the interviewer or the recruiter with the help of a video device. This live interview was the first wave of the digital interview strategy which is still in use, but a major decline is marked in several cases.

The second type of digital interview is taped interview where the candidates respond to the prompts in either written format or through an application. This trend is being admired a lot nowadays by the recruiters. This taped version of video interview allows the recruiters for evaluating the candidates at their leisure time. Both of the digital interviews have been admired a lot for such purposes.

Candidates Need To Be Well Prepared For Video Interview

Here the candidates are advised to follow the best principle of video interview so that they would be able to manage the medium effectively. The candidates need to make use of the technology in an efficient way and grab more advantages of the facilities. Remember, you need to look smart, shiny and competent in the video interview with proper management or else if you look untrustworthy, dumb and lazy in the video then you could get instantly rejected. Below featured are some of the useful tips that you need to follow while your video interview and grab maximum advantage.

  1. Camera Position: The candidate needs to look better when the camera is focused on the job seeker. Getting focused up on the camera would give good definition to the candidate’s chin. This would be a good enhancement for the candidate’s strength and character. It is advised to set up the camera slightly above your hairline and set up the video space as you could maintain good posture while seating. This is the most attractive camera angle for the candidates.
  2. Focus Directly On Camera: In the traditional interview patterns, the candidates had to make an eye contact with the interviewer that reflected the enthusiasm and good will of the candidate. The same thing continues with the digital interview strategy.
  3. You need to make an eye contact with the interviewer by focusing on the camera and not on the screen. The interviewer marks the lack in eye contact of the candidate which indicates un-trustworthiness. So remember to make your eye contact with the interviewer with your focus on camera.
  4. 3. Antiglare Glasses Are Preferable
  5. Eyes and body language of the candidate are the factors on which the interviewers develop trust on the candidate. If you are used to specs, then get yourself an antiglare glass before seating for interview, because without antiglare, your eyes would look like circles of light. This indeed would develop a bad impression on the candidate.
  6. 4. for High Defined and Clarity, Image Uses Software
  7. The computers or laptops come equipped with video camera these days. You need to check whether the output of the camera is well managed or not. There are few software tools that allow you to crop and control the displayed image. With the help of such software, you need not set the default view, you can crop the unnecessary side views. The cropped image would definitely make your presentation stronger and good.
  8. 5. Keep Your Hands Tight
  9. Any unnecessary gestures or movements are certainly a distraction while interviewing. You must keep your hands tight that would help you in conveying a good conversation and make your live presentation effective.
  10. 6. Body Posture
  11. As you may attain the digital interview in any place, which may be even your home, it is likely to feel comfortable. You may certainly forget that it is a formal interaction, and you are attending an interview. Yawning, drooping, looking bored, etc. are some of the normal gestures that you may develop forgetting about the interview. This would be the reason of getting rejected. So you need to keep in mind that you are not in your comfortable zone and are attending an interview and likewise keep your body posture.
  12. 7. Avoid Using Shiny Makeup
  13. If you apply any shiny makeup, then on camera your face would appear sweaty. Sweat is the symbol of getting nervous and is a negative fact for the candidate. The video amplifies the makeup shine into white patch that distracts the interviewer. You need makeup just to eliminate the glare, so avoid using shin makeup.
  14. 8. Solid Colours Are the Best, Avoid White
  15. You indeed would love to create an impression on the interviewer with your personality. In the digital interview, you need to configure some points about clothing. White costume develops glare effects while the stripped or pattern dress codes create optical illusion. The interviewer must be focused on you and not your clothes, so it is advised to use solid colour while video interview.
  16. 9. Set Your Background
  17. It is common with the video interview that the candidates forget to set their background. The interviewer is certainly not interested in taking a look on your background or how your room looks. You need to set your camera with a simple background. The camera must be set on your head and shoulder along with a simple background. But remember the background mustn’t be white.
  18. 10. Practice Makes a Man Perfect
  19. You would certainly attend the interview at your home. But you need to get prepared as there many unlikely circumstances which may develop during the interview as specified. The best way to avoid such scenario is to practice in front of the camera setting in the way as instructed above.

You can use a high defined microphone that would make your interview effective. The mic in the computer is too small and may create inconvenience so better invest for a microphone. There is a popular quote; practice makes a man perfect. Practice the mock interview as many times as you can. This would let you avoid any mistake while in interview, and also you can develop confidence while attending digital interview.


Apart from these 10 helpful tips, you need to check your broadband connection as fluctuating network is not good for a digital interview. You must follow the above specified 10 tips for a successful interview or digital interview.

The job now is in your hands, because apart from the graduation degree it is presentation and trustworthiness that would impact highly on your job. Be prepared for your digital interview with regular practice and build up your confidence level high.

Vigyaa: EdTech App “How To” Video

Welcome to Vigyaa

a learning platform that encourages engagement and creates interest for today’s
At Vigyaa, we believe in step by step learning to maximize retention
In this video, we will show you how to best utilise the extensive content that we
provide you.
After logging in the app, you can navigate either by books or by topics
When you choose to toggle via books, on the homescreen
On this page you “nd all the topics related to all the subjects
Once you have selected a topic you will “nd all books related to your class, both
text books and the reference books subscribed by you
Once you have selected the book you want to read, you can use our tools to study
in the way it suits you.
You can highlight important sections make notes or even jump to speci”c chapters
of your interest.
If you want to build an in-depth understanding of a particular topic from a subject,
you can choose to toggle via topics it opens the resource map for that topic
The resource map shows you all the learning objectives related to that topic.
There are videos mapped to the learning objective which you can see to enhance
your learning infographs which summarize the whole topic in a pictorial manner to
help you recapitulate the topic in one go a quick reference point just before the
exam and concept maps which are very useful in remembering the essentials.
If you want to know the meaning of any particular term you can refer to the
glossary provided with every resource map
To check the level of your understanding you can then take tests / quiz, also
provided in the resource map also provided in the resource map.
To help you with all these features, our sidebar menu provides some handy support
You can directly access your notebook from the sidebar check our FAQs, and even
give feedback to tell us what you like. You can also tell us about new features you
would like to see in the app, or take an app tour to understand all the features of
the app

Not only this. A user can highlight text, make notes on these interactive e books,
just like the physical books.
In the sidebar menu, there is a special feature for the Teachers called “class activity
“. By clicking on this, the teacher can instantly create a question and push it to all
the student devices and get an instant feedback
This feature can be used before, after or during a session to assess the level of
understanding and improve the engagement level.
We are in the process of enabling notes / documents / image sharing from Teacher
to Students, either the whole class or selected students.
We are also adding a feature called “eyes on the teacher”, where through a button
on the teachers device . All student devices will be blocked and now the focus wil shift from tab to teacher/blackboard.
Start Learning better today. With Viigyaa.

Video Marketing: How to Stretch Your Dollars

The growing digitalization in the business has led to countless innovations with engaging marketing strategy. The digitalization has changed the marketing strategy to be of high defined. The successful businesses are opting for real-time analytics in order to optimize the contents that would keep the individuals engaged. It was a traditional advertising fundamental to use the informative contents.

For the fast pacing living strategy, any individual would not like to waste the valuable time in reading the contents to source information about any product or services provided by the company. With such tendencies, video contents have emerged to be the best medium of sharing information.

Videos Plus Content Marketing = Awesome Response

Videos have taken up the content marketing in a high defined way. It has been proven that video marketing has exploded in a bigger version and accounts for around half of the entire internet traffic. Report says, around 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales and developing communication.

This report features that the industry is putting loads of faith in the video marketing strategy. It was the days of past when the idea of video was an afterthought for businesses. With the changing time, this idea of using video boosted up in an amazing way.

You must be aware that YouTube is owned by Google. YouTube has spectacular achievements from history till the current days in bringing millions of viewers every month. Video marketing has become the most useful tool for the entrepreneurs and the highly established companies in increasing business access.

The most important fact that every business needs to know is what video type would be able to deliver your message in the most effective way. This is imperative to know because the video type that would be interesting for the B2B solution may not be interesting for B2C platform.

The main point of any video is to increase the awareness of ad, brand and the most important return on investment. Every business needs to be certain that the video being developed would help in achieving the business goals. The video needs to share the imperative aspects of the brand and showcase the importance of the product or services provided by the company. Even you need to keep this; one video is not enough to attract potential customers as well as revenue. The number of relevant videos you develop the increased number of customer access you would get, and even you would be able to stretch dollars in more.

You certainly can’t argue that the videos are more superior to the articles or blogs. Which person would opt to go through numerous of words on the page to source information regarding the products or services? It would certainly be a waste of time and effort in reading. The images are more superior to the word or text contents which continue to be higher with the videos. These videos have higher impact on the viewers and are referred to be the most engaging contents. The consumers get more focused and impressed with the videos done effectively.

You indeed need to make a video that would attract the consumers in large. There are few strategies which you need to follow for developing a user engaging video. Few of the aspects are defined below.

Video Making

For making a video stuff, it was a traditional option to go into any studio with special sound impact strategy. This helped in creating a pretty video with high definition. With the changing strategies, you need not access any studio anymore; this is because the consumers are much more focused on the content than the pretty fact. Having a good budget for producing a video is good but using the tools is a must.

Use of Still Images

Videos are indeed superior to the still images but sometimes the still images or photographs can be more convincing than the videos for some of the selective products. If you intend to use some photographs in the video, then make sure that those are royalty free. With the selection of the right image, you also need to be sure about the right size. The videos on internet are of 320X240 pixels, but you can consider buying images of larger size so that you would not lose the resolution of the image as it would be compressed while it is used in the video. It is advised to use the images of 800X600 pixels for the online videos.


Another imperative aspect of an online video is its sound or voice. If you are using images in your video, then you would certainly use voiceover on the scrolling images. If so, make sure that the voiceover is done professionally. You must hire professional voiceover artist for the recording or else the unprofessional person for voiceover may be the reason of inviting negative impact on the engagement fact of the video. Then, the music to be used in the developed video is the priority. If you are planning to use any existing music then make sure it is royalty free or else you would have to pay the artist or the owner/maker of the music.

Short Videos

The new and latest mantra of developing user engaging video is keeping the video length short. It is advised to keep the video length less than a minute, but if it is impossible then definitely the video mustn’t exceed than 2 minutes. As per surveys, the users generally lose interest in watching videos more than 2 minutes. Before the users decide the video in full length, they watch the first 10 seconds and likely move on.

You need to count really in the first 10 seconds of the video if you really want to grab attention of the users. Don’t keep the spicy and attraction at the end, push them early that would push the viewer’s hot buttons. Within the short span of time, the video must be informative and attractive including all the aspects you need to share with the viewers. This would be the best video developing strategy that would catch the attention of the viewers.

Use the Testimonials

If your product or service can grab good customer feedback, then you could add those in the video. These videos with customer’s testimonials can be uploaded on YouTube and believe this would entertain more business access and viewers that would incredibly get reflected on your turnover, and you would be able to stretch dollars.

  1. Video Trailers – the video trailers are of short time span that highlights the main objectives which are just enough for hooking a desire to get through the full story. This strategy can be implemented for your business products or services.
  2. Videos for Relation- develop the videos to create a strong relation with the consumers. The video format must be able to deliver your content in the best way that would be appreciated by the viewers.
  3. Video Tutorial- using the video tutorial format you can feature the way to solve a problem rather than forcing them to get in through the content. This is indeed a beneficial idea for the businesses.

Developing a video in the right way and format and incorporating the same for business development can be highly helpful for the businesses. The right format video would drive more traffic and sales towards your product or sales and business. Video marketing is probably the best way for stretching your dollars.

Why Facebook Says Your Video Ads Should Be Silent

Did your attention get drawn suddenly while scrolling on your Facebook Newsfeed page! Is it the irritating sound of the unexpected videos? As per a recent research was done by Facebook, the videos on the Facebook Newsfeed of the user starts playing aloud it is expected that maximum of the users would develop a negative impression both for the ad as well as Facebook, the social media platform.

For this issue, Facebook has synchronized its features and has recommended the advertisers to create the videos which are not depended up on the sound of the video. Recently Facebook has released set of new incredible features that enables the businesses or the advertisers for optimizing the videos with silent reviewing feature.

Facebook: The Social Media Giant Helps To Gain Heavy Consumer Traffic

Facebook is certainly one of the best platforms for the advertisers to gain heavy consumer traffic. With an intention to stream your business, product or service on the social media platform you must be aware about the recent changes that Facebook involves for the video ads. There are numerous of video ads on social media that includes audio.

As per the social media giant Facebook, certain step has been initiated for protecting the user, Facebook, and the advertisers. The main concern of such issue is that when any unexpected video with audio begins playing loudly at an unexpected time, the users will give negative reaction instantly.

Facebook Advice the Advertisers to Create Video without Sound

Videos without sounds for advertisement! This statement can make the advertisers worried in great extent. This fact correlated to the ages of before the 1920s when the movies were without sound. The movies with sound were introduced in the 1920s which were indeed a remarkable achievement.

Almost after a century, with such declaration of Facebook, it is indeed a step to move back to the age of silent movies/videos. For this, Facebook has released set of new features and has recommended the businesses to create and feature the video that doesn’t depend on sound.

Videos without Sound Would Turn As Unveiling Tool for Advertisers

As per Facebook, these videos without sound would be helpful for the businesses as well as the platform.

These changes would prove to be the most unveiling tool in the future days. With such option, the businesses would be able to use automatic captions in the videos rather than adding them independently. The advertisers posting ads on Facebook would be able to access a new reporting metric which would display the percentage of people who watch video ads with sound.

Advertisers Would Be Able To Increase the Access By 12%

By including such captions, the advertisers would be able to increase the video access by 12%. In the previous time, the advertisers uploaded the ads with captions by embedding or uploading their own caption files.

With the modern trend, the advertisers could review the automated captions and edit it before posting. As per a report, people around the world watch more than 100 hours of videos on the Social Giant platform, Facebook every day. This reflects the strategy that each minute is valuable and is countable for the advertisers.

Facebook Encourages the Advertisers to Express Messages Visually

For this reason, Facebook is encouraging the partners of advertisements to express their messages visually including the captions, logos, and product. A review stated that around 41% of the videos on Facebook were meaningless without sound in it.

With the new feature introduced by Facebook, the captions would be able to reveal the essence of the video. The video needs to be viewer engaging and not to offend the viewer with loud sound. As per a report, the first three seconds of a video accounts 47% of the campaign value and 74% in the next 10 seconds.

Facebook Launches New Features of Captioning the Videos

Facebook provides the best solution by allowing captioning ads so that you would get the sense of what you are scrolling for from the past and the advertisers hope for one or two videos to be watched. This is the point where captioning plays a vital role.

Captioning being a fast and effective way for expressing the users what the video is all about. The social media giant Facebook also has plans for launching new reporting metrics that would assist the advertisers for viewing the shares of the videos. Facebook has also made the option of 100% view buying option globally available.

Engaging Image in the Video Is an Effective Element

Facebook reports that a common and effective element of an effective video ad is an engaging image which displays before the video starts playing. Facebook clearly has stated that, though the video ad consists of sound the advertisers need to confirm that the message intended to be delivered mustn’t depend upon on audio. Probably out of 10 videos on Facebook without audio 4 videos don’t make any sense that certainly is a reason for the viewers to get irritated, this creates a bad impact on the brand’s image.

Advertisers Need To Take Creative Considerations for Growing the Number of Views

The advertisers need to take in new creative considerations and work harder if they intend to earn longer views. The creative shop and marketing science team at Facebook after analysing Facebook and Instagram videos finds out the element that would help the advertisers to understand the perfect way to create an effective video ad for the feed-based platform.

The videos must be created with the basic creative element that would help in getting connected with the audiences and inspire the action. It’s imperative to capture the attention of the audiences right away. Using the video thumbnails images and titles would hook the audiences into your story. The brand colours, themes, and images help in connecting people with the video and indirectly with your brand.

Loud Sound Of The Video Annoys The Viewers!

According to some tests, people can recall the mobile news feed content after watching it for only quarter of second. The real value of the video ad increases with duration, whether you measure ad recall or brand awareness or sales.

While the mobile ads work in favour of the advertisers, the mobile feed environments people, in general, prefer for the sound input. But when this unexpected loud sound troubles the users they react negatively. This certainly is a drawback for the platform and the advertiser as well as the brand.

The video ads on Facebook are not the TV ads with loud sound. It is expected that any person would get annoyed when you are scrolling through your feed and a loud sound of the video ad plays. Along with you, the persons near you are also likely to get annoyed with such loud sound. Facebook instigates the advertisers to rethink the ad strategy. With the newly launched feature of captioning, the advertisers would be able to review and edit the automated captions before posting the video ads on the Newsfeed.

Grab Attention of the Viewers with the Silent Videos That Are Effectively Planned

Along the advertisers, Facebook also intends to grab the attention of the viewers quickly. Facebook made a research on the video ads on the platform as well as on Instagram and came to a conclusion that the effective videos ads share a common feature.

The common feature is displaying an image before the ad starts which grabs the attention of the viewers. The advertisers are advised, before uploading the video ads on Facebook, they must make sure that the video is easily understood without the audio.

We need to wait for few days to witness the effectiveness of no-sound policy, whether it would impact the effectiveness of the advertiser or would degrade the image of the brand.

Verizon Wireless | Detective Test Man | Solly Labs

A chicken leg is a rare dish.”

“A rare dish, indeed, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

I’m a Test Man, and this my story. I serve on an elite investigative force
of men and women, that make sure the Verizon Wireless network is tops.

My beat is Florida. Test teams across the country cover a million miles
each year. We prowl the big cities and the little sticks because every Joe
deserves reliable wireless coverage. Fast, too. Verizon 4G LTE isn’t code,
it’s call letters for the nation’s fastest wireless service.

We roll in high-tech rigs, hooked up with the latest Verizon gadgets making
thousands of calls and data connections each day. We carry the competitors
gear, too, to snoop on their spotty service. Poor stiffs.

So who is that mysterious chicken leg lady? She’s a Harvard Phonics voice
on our test phones. The spicy senorita speaks, Spanish, too.

For Verizon customers, case closed, test teams make it a tasty dish…of
teriffic coverage.

7 Key Steps to Producing a High-Converting ‘Explainer’ Video

The videos you watch online intended for promotion and marketing are called as explainer videos. The brands use these videos in order to stream their business products and services in the market. As these explainer videos are of short time span and engaging explaining the value of the product with keen reflection of the brand these are used for promoting the company, its products, and services.

If you are unaware about these explainer videos, then you must know that these videos of short time span d have the capability to grow your business unexpectedly with the detailed explanation regarding the product or services offered by the brand.

Why Explainer Videos Empower Text?

A question may arise in your mind if you are new to business and have the intention to lead your business towards success. There are plenty of statistics that throw positive impact on the brand’s sales, conversion rates, and information retention.

For clarifying your doubts you can just ask yourself, would you like to read the information featured in texts and waste your time or you would prefer for an entertaining video and source information as well as entertain yourself! These explainer videos do have the skill of communication which the texts don’t have.

Why Use Explainer Videos for Your Business Promotion?

With growing efficiency and fast pacing business fundamentals, these explainer videos can bring out amazing opportunities for your business. Explainer videos are the efficient tools that help you in obtaining your goal very easily and spectacularly.

Using explainer videos has emerged as a trend for promoting the business products or services. These explainer videos help the business to increase interest, increase web traffic, clarify the objective of any of the specific product or services and increase the conversion rates. These explainer videos can be a great medium to share and explain product or idea.

Credentials Of Explainer Videos That Make It Effective For Business Promotion

The explainer videos are referred as great marketing tool which leverages the consumer’s ability. The consumers easily digest the visual content which quickly converts the consumers towards sales lead and generates revenue for your business. Though these explainer videos are amazingly effective, few of these fail miserably. There are various keys to producing high converting ‘Explainer’ video. If you intend to drive your message in the market effectively then you need to create a high converting explainer video.

7 key step to producing a high-converting explainer video

The high-quality explainer video is not cheap to create so you must focus on the key elements that contribute effectiveness and success to the content in the video. Below specified are 7 keys to produce high converting explainer videos, which are essential for experiencing solid results.

  1. Script: The script of a video is regarded as the most important part of video creation. The video makers can produce high defined videos of high quality. But without an effective script, the video will not be able to convert any of the customers. The script must be captivating and explaining the product or services you provide. The script must be developed in a convincing way and represent, why the customers need the product or service and how would it be helpful for them. The entire script must be bound within 60-90 seconds.
  2. Characters: The viewers need to connect with message in the video that makes it user engaging content. The message must be conveyed by the main character in the video, and the video must have at least one character that would become the face for the message being delivered. The character in the video must be likable and must be able to convey the audiences easily. The character’s age, clothing style, expressions, and gestures must be able to create a strong relationship between the brand and customers.
  3. Voice: The voiceover used in for the video must be captivating. The voice if goes unpleasantly may destroy the best script easily. You need to make sure that the artist you arte selecting for voiceover must be able to mesmerize the audiences and doesn’t let them feel bored. You must know that when the viewers get bored, they click on the close button and get away from the page. Don’t try to compromise with the voiceover artist, select only professional voiceover artist.
  4. Animation Contents is Entertaining: The demand for animation videos is growing up to large extent. These animations could bring major success to your video or be the reason for huge flop. It is imperative to make the animation direction that would keep the viewers engaged throughout the entire video until the end. Any video that goes interesting and entertaining with precise use of animation would accomplish such requirement of major success. This probably converts the viewers at end of the video. The Explainer videos are short and explaining, so there is no reason for the viewers to lose their interest in watching the video or taking off their eyes from the video.
  5. Sound And Music Credentials: Among the imperative parts of an explainer video, the sound effects play a vital role. The sound effect of any video along with the background score makes it superlative. All of these credentials brings together to make the video amazing. The sound effect and the background score of the video certainly are small components of a video, but you can find out the effectiveness by comparing two identical videos. One of the video only with voiceover and the other one with background score music and sound effects. The video with background score and sound effects would be higher efficient indeed. These music credentials of a video keep the interest level of the viewers at top and keep them engaged. The viewers would watch the video until the end that would ultimately introduce the element that is call-to-action.
  6. Call-To-Action: It is imperative to make the call-to-action element strong at the end of the video. At the end of the video, you must instigate prompt for the viewers to call a phone number or visit a website or submit the email address or perform any other action so that you could further improve the relation. This would certainly be highly beneficial for you and your business. This is probably the only chance to push the viewers in the direction you wish for. When the video is engaging and entertains the viewers, then the chances of converting them is higher.
  7. A/B Testing The Videos: The first version of the explainer video does have the potential ability to convert the viewers at the highest rate, but it is found in rare. This instigates that you must strive to make the video results improved that would result in higher conversion rate. For this, you must set aside your budget for A/B test the explainer video. This will enable to check the multiple variations of the video. Also, you can check the engagement status of your video variations and accordingly assist in maximizing the conversions.


Every customer expects to get the best product and source information about it. After watching the video until the end when the viewer doesn’t find any relevant information they would certainly skip the product and may even forget about it. So it is necessary to add the best information regarding the product or service so that the customers would find the product or service relevant and reliable. This would get reflected on your business turnover, and you could develop a good relation with your customers that would be highly beneficial for you and or company.

Benefits of Video in Marketing

Video marketing is recommended as an expensive and luxury form of marketing as this form of marketing is used by the bigger brands. Creating a video content is even a big marketing budget that the bigger brands are only able to afford. If you are in search of the best effective way of expanding your business rapidly, then it is advisable to the experts to create video contents.

With the creation of video contents, you could sell more than what you are selling in the current phase. Video content has grabbed to be the most effective promotional tool for any business.

Video Contents Are the Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

For the several listed benefits, video contents are extensively used in today’s market by the brands for promoting their services or products. Incorporating videos in the marketing agenda of the company, any business would be able to achieve success.

We can say that video contents are the most powerful digital marketing tool available. The search engines love the video contents that impact highly on the brand’s webpage and increase the ratio of access. These video contents are more persuasive than any other form of marketing or promotion.

Video Contents Are Highly Impacting

These video contents are more persuasive and highly impacting because human brains are more reacting towards the emotional input for making decisions. No other technology or content would be as relevant and express as the video contents in conveying the emotion.

Apart from this, Video has the potential to transmit a large amount of information in a simple, expressive form. In a simple video of duration 2-3 seconds, a video can transmit numerous of emotional, historical and academic information. Video is one of the best ways to get closer with the customers and communicate directly with them. Let it be an animated video or a live video, both the forms of video hold imperative aspects which can be used by the business entities to promote their products or services.

Why is Video Content More Imperative For Marketing Strategy?

There are some other imperative aspects for which video marketing is considered as the most effective way of marketing. What could be better as per your opinion, a text message, an imagery format or a video that displays text, movable images, and sound? Your answer would be certainly the video contents with text display, movable images and enabled sound. In comparison to the text messages, the imagery form is more influencing and eye catching and in comparison to the video contents with the imagery form, the video contents include more information than both of these forms.

Who Would Want To Waste Their Valuable Time?

Would you like to waste your time in reading the text for minutes or concentrate on the imagery that may not be descriptive? The video contents with its multi-featured capabilities are more descriptive and user engaging. Thus using video contents for your brand, product or service promotion is a proven way to increase trust of the consumers or viewers on your brand.

These video contents help in building a good relationship between you and your audiences. For this, you need to consult with an expert video creator who would guide you as per your requirement in the best way that would increase your user access as well as your sales ratio that would directly get reflected on your annual turnover.

Video Creates Reliable Impression on Your Customers

Yes, video content creation may be an expensive option of marketing and promotion in comparison to the text or imagery inputs but it is not too expensive that you can’t afford. But the impact of this video is far more impressive than the other forms. The videos create a reliable impression among the consumers for your brand which increases in course of time. Videos are taking the content marketing strategy by storm, but you need to make the video informative avoiding any type of boring concept in it.

Place the Videos on Your Website to Reap Maximum Benefits

These video contents can be placed on your business website as well as uploaded on the social media platform. But remember that the video must be fast enough including all of the information you intend your customers to know. The time your customers invest for watching the video is indeed valuable. These promotional videos can be the reason in optimizing the search engine rank for your website that would give your company instant exposure for millions of potential buyers.

Why is Video Content More Fascinating?

  • Video marketing improves the email campaigns for the brand. When your email is sent with a subject line ‘video’ then the open rate of the email increases by 19%.
  • Any user or viewers loves to spend few minutes more on the websites that contains video.
  • Search engine is hungry for video contents and loves it. This helps in increasing the page rankings on the search page, and it would appear on the first page of Google.
  • A customer relies more on the video content and accordingly makes the decision of purchasing. This certainly increases the sales ratio and the annual profit of the brand.

How to Create an Effective Video Content?

  • Creating an effective video content is vital, so before creating a video, you need to consider some of the effective ways to create a video that would be beneficial for you.
  • It is advised to keep the videos short as because consumers are more likely to click a video of short time span.
  • The created video must be linked back to your website because if you don’t link your website in the video, then the visitors would not take any action on those.
  • The videos must be created considering high values. Whether the video is informative or entertaining the videos mustn’t just focus on promotion of your brand or else the targeted audiences would lose their interest.
  • Reflect your personality and brand identity in the video this will differentiate your business from others.

What Are The Exclusive Benefits You Can Get From A Video Content?

  • The benefits of video marketing are in huge, so it is advised to every business entity to grab the benefits to increase the business profile.
  • The videos help in reaching out millions of people within a short period.
  • The expenses of reaching out millions of people with the traditional concept of marketing is more expensive than the video creation, then why not opt for the video marketing through which you could grab more benefits with lower investment!
  • The audio and visual mode of marketing is more impacting those appeals to convey your intended message more effectively.
  • The video clarifies the intention of the subject and develops a feel regarding the concept in the video that provides a better understanding strategy, and the customers provide more attention and interest in the video.
  • The videos are more capable of winning the trust of potential customers, as the customers are convinced that the company is serious regarding the product or service and cares about the consumer which captures the customer’s attention in a defined way.
  • The videos are more impacting and last for longer period; this confirms that the invested amount would be used wisely and gives you more exposure.

Give Value to Your Customer’s Interest!

For reaping the numerous of benefits from the video marketing strategy you need to create an impressing content with maximum impression and information. Be sure to add the information about the fact that you care for your customers and value for their interest in your brand. This would certainly create a good impression of your brand among the viewers, and you could grow your business access.

The 2-Minute ‘Event Wrap Video’ is dead, Time to Try Something New

Event occasions where like-minded people with particularly targeted audiences get together offer the optimal opportunity for capturing videos. The events could be of two hours or two day or even two weeks, whatever may be the time limit of the event occasion, the videos captured could be very helpful for the enterprises along their marketing strategy.

Many enterprises are not able to make out the most of the marketing endeavour from the videos from the events. These enterprises get stuck with the traditional form of marketing that are production practices. They don’t capture either or don’t use the captured videos including the contents that would inform the audiences and the search engines that they are the leading brand in their relevant field or craft.

The 2 Minutes Video Are Meant To Provide Information about The Happenings At The Event

The clients often demand the video producers to produce two-minute recap video from the event which includes the audiences shaking hands and laughing. Even the clients demand the footage of the networking in front of the sponsor signage which features the interviews with any personality having reputation.

These videos are intended for learning about the happenings at the event being away from the event. They wouldn’t certainly take anything away from the 2-minute video watching the people at the event. The clients would just love to hear the crowd saying “It was an incredible experience, and I loved it.”

Micro Video Contents Have Replaced The 2-Minute Event Wrap Videos!

With the changing trend of video creation, the ‘2 minute Event Wrap Video is dead’, the time has arrived to try something new. With the running clock, the standard two-minute event wrapping video has turned to the new format of video creation which is called as micro-video content.

These micro video contents are considered as more beneficial than the two-minute event wrap video. The video editors working on the 2-minute event wrap video with certain limitations which forces them to cut or leave significant amount of the captured content from the event.

Why To Opt For The Boring And Traditional Type 2 Minute Wrap Video When The Micro Videos Are More Meaningful!

Being a producer you would certainly feel the pain of ignoring the incredible piece of advice, information and knowledge sharing that are the reasons of leading the business to a high level. In the traditional type event wrap video, the sound bite featured in it would be lengthy that would create a boring sense in the clients.

With the changing trend, the time has arrived to consider the events and produce micro video campaigns that are meaningful. These meaningful micro videos must be aligned with sales and marketing goals.

Micro Videos Are Series of Video Campaign That Are Beneficial For Your Brand

The campaign of the micro videos refers to series of videos that would be released consistently within the course of quarter, half yearly, annually or more than that. Such approach from your brand would not only help to position your brand as a leader but would optimize the search engine results which would be beneficial for you and your brand.

About The Micro Video Contents

  • Within a very short period, these micro video contents have become vital marketing vehicle for the top leading brands and creators that are established in the market.
  • This micro video content is a type of content marketing which was the most dominant trend in social media in the year 2013.
  • This strategy of the micro-video content continues in the current years.
  • The platforms like Vine and Instagram have helped in growing the popularity of the micro-videos.
  • In the year 2013, Vine was ranked as the fastest growing app with a growth rate of 403%.
  • Likewise, another social media Instagram is another social media platform that allows the users in creating micro-videos that have grown by 130% in the last year.
  • The top brands in the market are grabbing advantages of micro videos, why not you!
  • For such incredible rise in the popularity, the top brands in the market are taking advantage of the micro-video contents.
  • As per the experts, the micro video has become a major social trend.
  • The brands are using the micro video contents to show off their new products, share the short promotional clips, allow the customers to go behind the scene or simply self-help tutorials.
  • With such information for the public, the social shifts have become shorter messages that indeed keep the customers engaged with the emotions about the brand.

Create a Wise and Smart Marketing Strategy for Your Brand with Micro Videos

It is advised to the brands to take the advantages of the social platform that is the micro-video content. In general, the content marketing strategy is the practice of planning the creation, distribution, activation and optimization of the relevant contents that are thoughtful. This inspires the positive engagement and the profitable action.

This type of marketing content is used to communicate and define who you are as a brand. The micro-video content is a rapidly growing tool that engages the customers emotionally with the brand. The brands that want to keep up with the social trends and want to continue as the leading with forefront communication must imply the micro-video content with the marketing strategy.

How Could The Micro Videos Help In Promoting Brand And Marketing Products?

  • The micro-video content provides new challenges for the brands or the companies and also creates a new space for them in the market.
  • This space created in the market for the brand is unexplored but the bigger brands are stepping ahead to face the challenges by using the micro video contents creatively as would fit with their brand.
  • The brands must be smart in selecting the micro-video platform, each of the available platforms are unique and can be used at different times.
  • The brands need to ensure their voices to be consistent through all the platforms and align their brand with the customer values.
  • There are several of ways through which the brands can utilize the micro video contents for engaging their audiences.
  • The micro-video content is not a one size content that would fit all solutions there are various platforms that serve different types of audiences.
  • The brands need to configure their approach to present the right message at the right time and remain still with their image.

Why Use The Micro Videos For Promoting Your Brand?

  • The micro video can be effectively used by the brands for their marketing strategy.
  • The brands can use the micro-video content to promote the upcoming products and services.
  • For the fast paced nature of the micro video the consumers would feel like they are getting a sneak peek.
  • Most of the time, the brands face such instances of worseness, when the old items lose their demand in comparison with the new items. The brands can revive the interest in sale with the creation of a short video.
  • The consumers indeed love to grab a good deal and the micro video is a great way to boost up sales.

How to Use the Micro Videos for Promoting Brand and Marketing Products?

  • In the micro videos, the brands can provide context or scenario that shows the product in an effective way to get the consumers envision self as using the product.
  • The scenes incorporated in the video must be able to reflect the versatility of the product.
  • Some of the products of your brand need quite more explanation than the others, with such strategy of educating your customers they would appreciate the product for getting information about the best way to use the product.
  • Incorporating the clips behind the scene in the micro video would give your brand a face and personality.
  • You can also provide contests to your customers to create a micro video to promote your brand.
  • Such offers would energize the customers and get them excited to win a prize and gain publicity which is certainly valuable for your brand as well.

Let Customers Get to Know You with Video

Establishing any business, the main focus of the business person is to improve customer access which would directly get reflected on the annual turnover report. With the trending technical aspects, the ways of marketing have evolved that has increased the number of customer access towards the business. The reputation of any company certainly is depended by customer satisfaction and reviews.

Automation is regarded as the key to building a scalable product. The businesses have understood that for serving more customers, the less manual interruption is required. But this indeed is not a feasible fact that with involvement of automated tools the businesses must reduce human interaction.

Internet Platform Is Indeed The Best Platform For Streaming Your Business!

If you want to be the leading business weakening your competitors, then you must remember that the best effective tool for any business is interaction with the customers. With the increase in technical intervention in the business transactions, it is obvious that internet platform has become the trendiest path for improving business.

The videos are one of the trendy forms that keep engaging the customers in a powerful and scalable way. The business entities intending to lead in the business race and defeat the competitors need to use the video contents. Let your customers get to know you and your business with the video you share on your website or social media platform.

Why Are Videos More Descriptive Than Text?

  1. The videos and the contents featured in it, do more than just sharing the information about the product or service provided by the company. The narrative video containing the detailed information about the existence of the company/organization and its potential which will be the reason for inspiring the viewers and thus the number of viewers as well as customers would increase. The video is regarded as the most efficient way for creating a large-scale human connection and interaction.
  2. Through these videos, without any direct contact, or face to face speak up, you can get connected with an infinite number of viewers without getting charged for any additional cost. Videos are defined as the future of content marketing. If you regularly access to the social media platform, you must have observed videos popping up on your Facebook feed. With such strategy, the businesses are incorporating videos on their business websites to deliver content which may be informational, educational or entertaining. The reason behind this is human brain processes the visual information 60,000 times faster than a text. This creates an instant impression on the viewer’s mind that influences them to get in through the content. With this, the viewers get aware about the information that you want to share with them.
  3. It is advised to every business to use the created video content on the website’s landing page, and even other pages can be used as such it makes any sense. With the video content, the viewers can experience the intended message as shared in the video investing very low effort. The more engaging content you create you would be able to hook up the viewers ad let them stay tuned on your website for longer period.

How The Video Content Effectively Works For Business Improvement?

  • The created video would keep the viewers on your webpage for longer time which would result in brand promotion effectively.
  • Another effective reason of engaging video content is the viewers opt for watching rather than reading the texts in more.
  • The best effective way of raising trust between the viewers and the brand is to feature yourself or any of the employees in it.
  • The viewers enjoy the dramatic sequence as used in the videos in a proper way that delivers the intended message; this is the reason that YouTube has grabbed the second most popular search engine for the video contents.
  • The personalized video contents are the best solutions for the businesses as it increases the conversion ratio amazingly.
  • The videos clarify the objective of the product and the business which lets the customers get to know about you and your organization.

You must create the video such that you would let your customers know you

  • Incorporating explainer videos you can be able to connect better with your potential customers by explaining what your business intends to do for the valuable customers.
  • With the created video you mustn’t confuse the potential customers, and unnecessary accumulation of pictures, flashy animations, and colorful fonts could be the reason of slowing the load time of the webpage.
  • Confusing the potential customers and slowed webpage loading would be the reason for business’s disaster, which you must be aware of.
  • You need to be aware that the video must focus your personality and your business’s potentiality which would let the customers rely on you and your business and thus would become a repeat customer.
  • Apart from boosting sales for your business, the video content plays a vital role in inviting popularity for your brand successfully.
  • The videos must be created following the familiarity principle because if not so you would miss out the conversations that you dreamed of with your business.
  • Using the familiarity principle, you would boost up a remarkable light and sales for your business.
  • The familiarity principle reflects that using the tactics for drawing people in and stay connected on your website for sourcing more information.
  • The familiarity principle includes the sense of humor because laughing is the reason of secreting hormones that develops a feel of closeness towards the source of laughter; this indeed is the reason behind reducing the distance between customers and the brand.
  • With the triggered humor, the familiarity principle becomes the reason of overcoming discomfort.
  • With the use of familiarity principle, you could develop a positive association with the viewers which would be a great gift for the business.

How Would Your Customers Know You And Your Brand With Creative Videos?

  • The video must be created such as it would focus the benefits of the customers and not for the promotion of the company or intending for sale of the product.
  • You need to remember that the customers are going to source the useful tips from the content and likewise share with the persons that would be useful.
  • The videos mustn’t be created such that it would feel like pushing it down the throat forcefully, the customers must enjoy it.
  • With the familiarity effect, you need to focus the connections between you and your valuable customers.
  • This strategy would lead your business towards the path which the customers crave for developing business relation.


Investing time, intention, ideology and information and bringing it up together in one video you could recreate an association of openness and honesty with your business for the numerous of customers. You certainly can hope for selling your product but your videos mustn’t reflect it. You need to clarify and satisfy the curiosity of the customers regarding your product and company.

With such clarification, the customers would get to know you through the video itself. Video content is peerless and makes a way for potential reach. The success stories of the video contents have gone viral, and it helps in sourcing numerous of customers towards the business. A viewer engaging content has shared the maximum for which the customers spend longer time on the website and spend time for interacting with your brand.

When a video content is contested with the social media campaign or with the SEO exercise, the video contents scores the maximum appreciation and becomes the best tool for brand promotion.

How to Benefit from Video Ads on Pinterest

The biggies of web arena have realised it well about the lucrative side of the video marketing. Specially, the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter are just going gaga about the opportunities involved. Making the cake creamier, the good news surfaced has to say that another leading name in the world of social media, Pinterest is also going to join the race. According to the reports, the day is pretty imminent as well.

The Same Auto Play Videos Are Imminent:

The rumour mills were quite on a roll about the news a few days back. But, it was not expected to be happening, in reality, such sooner. According to the sources, a native team at Pinterest is already indulged within the process of preparing promotional videos on this aspect. The same source makes it more interesting saying the videos to be having auto play functionality. In short, it’s pretty much like Facebook where the videos play automatically as one scrolls down.

The Excited Video Marketers:

There is every reason for the social media freaks now to be cherishing with this news. However, it’s the marketing professionals and companies who are the most excited groups currently to be making the most of this opportunity.

There are many things still under the wraps, though. In fact, Pinterest has not yet made any official statement about the video ads. No clear figure is available in terms of pricing as well. Still, all prominent product brands are already on their way of dragging the best out of such opportunities. And, the hypes around video marketing as a big thing have gone even bigger.

How Beneficial Will It Be For Pinterest? A Look into the Top Performers Reveals It All:

Videos are currently the most favourite ways of conducting the promotional activities among the web based marketers. In fact, the speculations have to say that the videos will be counting about seventy-five percent of the entire web traffic by next year.

The most interesting part here is to mark that despite having an influential video sharing platform like YouTube (that even offers stuff for free), the video marketing or simply videos over social media platforms are enjoying adequate buzz. It is here to note that YouTube enjoys about one-third of the entire users over the web. These social media platforms haven’t also been able in hampering the number one tag of YouTube anyway. Interestingly, the expenses of video marketing have also hiked by more than forty percent in comparison to the earlier years. Still everyone is happy as the number of video advertisers has increased by forty-five percent in comparison with the past year.

Social Media Evolving As Strong Competitors against You Tube:

Though statistically YouTube still is pretty established at the number one spot, it’s unarguably a fact that Facebook has managed to be offering it the most significant challenge. The attention dragging figure here is to mention that the social media giant is currently enjoying more than eight million video views regularly.

Moreover, the Facebook videos enjoy highest number of views that any other ways of updates, like the written ones or images. The video profile picture concept has got really popular.

Not Just Facebook:

Undoubtedly, it’s the Twitter that comes next in queue after Facebook when it comes to video marketing or views over social media. Twitter has been noteworthy on this matter in terms of its strategy to drag the attention of the viewers. The most significant part about it has been its ability to let the users enjoy videos on the platform itself without being reliant on You Tube. Again, twitter also comes up with the auto-play option as evident in case of Facebook.

The best part, video advertisers are also quite satisfied in terms of the outcome through these auto-playing videos over twitter. On a collective note, analytics have to claim that the auto-playing videos enjoy twice the chance of viewed than the others (irrespective of the platform).

Pinterest to Bank on With Its Popularity:

Intuitiveness of the auto-playing videos is also quite significant on social media platforms. The most exciting part here is to mention that when it comes to watching a video completely, the auto-playing videos account about seven times more than the other usual kinds. Now, it can be obviously claimed that the exciting figures as mentioned above are primarily responsible for inspiring Pinterest in coming with video marketing opportunities for the marketers. Especially, taking the popularity of the social media platform (Pinterest), it’s quite obvious for any advertiser to get inclined towards it.

Trending Features Of Pinterest To Watch Out:

Social media marketers are certainly in a serious free about finding the reasons behind Pinterest‘s leap into the video marketing world. Though following the contemporary competitors like Facebook and Twitter is one reason, they know it well it’s not the only one. These online marketers know it well that Pinterest’s hilt is not so significant about other search engine strategies.

It hasn’t been up to the mark as well about branding affairs. Though its feature of pinning is pretty significant, the social media platform would definitely love to take it even forward. Especially, these aspects are expected to be getting more enchanting regarding returns through the videos.

Special Mention: Animated Cinematic Pin

There are no scarcity of the examples of people those have even doubled the business adopting the video marketing strategy. The feature of pinning even itself also holds one of the noteworthy records of delivering the outcomes. Well, looking at the growing number of platforms being dedicated exclusively for advertising purpose, Pinterest has to come up with something similar.

Though the options from Pinterest like Cinematic Pins give such competitors the best fitting reply, still, the social media platform would love to take things even further as it knows well it can meet up to the mark as of Facebook this way. Especially, the animated cinematic pin has been found to be having a significant effect in terms of putting the impression among the viewers in the best fashion. The more creative you are more is this platform going to be delightful for you.

Hence, fans and the video marketers especially would be eagerly expecting something as impressive as Animated Cinematic Pins this time from Pinterest post entering into the video marketing arena.

Improved Content, SEO Friendly Specs, Group Boards, Etc Are Imminent:

Pinterest has been one of the most endearing platforms for the e-commerce stores. Their favourite social media getting indulged within the stream of online video marketing is like a thriller for them, especially in terms of B2C marketing. With growing number of customers for online shopping, speculations have mounted among these marketers to at least double their conversion/business in next season.

However, it’s a fact at the same time that these marketing guys will have to be a bit more creative in terms of their approach for the outcome. Special cares are needed to be taken towards preparing more influential contents; little more smartness is needed while creating the group boards; moreover, these marketers need to be more commanding towards finding the loyal contributors for the group. Creative contents are like a must for any online business. The case is pretty much the same this time as well. But, it definitely needs to be more niche specific than ever.

Use Video and Social Media to Market Yourself with Zero Investment

People those who just get taken aback or make fun of the claims saying a business without investment should also have it in mind that this human civilization was initiated out of zero; It has been smartness throughout. If it’s too practical, take the cases of trendsetting ventures today, be it Facebook or Cupertino-based Apple, all have started from the scratch itself. The point is that money is not going to guarantee about the business.

Rather, the need of money is realised only when there is an idea available to be executed. In fact, such claims are more applicable in contemporary scenario when the concept of online marketing is in all buzz. Being specific, the inception of the concepts like video marketing and social media marketing has made it possible even to make a business without any investment.

In Fact, You Don’t Even Need To Be Expensive!

Starting with the social media, it has turned out to be like a routine for the modern-day people. It’s been one of the finest ways of knowing the customer feedback as people are the most candid here over social media profiles. And, knowing the most honest viewpoint of a product is considered the biggest asset for a business man.

No need to spend the huge bucks; even the front facing video shooter can do the job. Someone with a fluent communication skill simply talking about the features of the product can even do the job. Well, to make it more attention dragging you may put a crunchy tag line for the video.

Even The Little Of Attention Is Huge:

Does a web chat cost any? Of course, it costs nothing. How about using the same for marketing! It’s a thrilling idea by the way. Needless is to talk about the kind of attention a live web chat drags when a celebrity is upfront the shooter. Though the claim that everyone is not a celebrity is justified, it’s also justified at the same time that all don’t mind a little lesser attention than a celebrity drags.

If your product is qualitatively good, and you are inviting any queries regarding it live upfront, it’s obvious to drag attentions. In fact, those with almost no intention of investing for such a product at present also love to take part in the process. And, moreover, all these simply cost nothing. Everyone knows it well that a service station for similar purpose would have cost hefty.

Expansion Is Just Effortless:

Marketing is a concept of multiplication. In fact, a brand’s popularity/marketing gets rampant through the people only. It’s the people/customers who love to talk about something they have tried demanding nothing. Otherwise, there is no corporate house on the earth is big enough to spend the amount of making its products available with each person/customer it enjoys.

The combo of social media and video make it even more interesting. As mentioned above, neither it costs anything for a web chat session nor does it cost anything for a viewer to put a click on like, share or comment button. Needless is to say how quick this process spreads and reaches millions in no time costing nothing.

Free Of Cost Reporting and Analysis:

Marketing is just impossible without analysis. The concerned person would definitely wish to have the daily, weekly, monthly, and overall performance report. If someone has ever created even a simple social media page (irrespective of the niche) must know it well how adequately these platforms deliver the reports of those like the number of viewers, number of views, total number of likes/follows, growth or decline reports, etc.

More such interesting features become evident the more someone researches. Making things more interesting, reports say that a video content increase the number of audience by 10% more. The rate of return has also been found to be increasing by 46% through the process. Again, the point to be noted is that all these hardly cost anything.

No Tools, Technicalities or Extensive Research:

Each step costs in marketing; needless is to talk about the TV/magazine/newspaper ads, in fact, the online strategies like pay per click, PPM, email marketing, etc. also do cost. On the other hand, those like social media marketing deliver a lot more without any cost. There is no limit to the number of posts one can make on these social media sites, neither hence the shares or likes.

And all these are a business. Well, posting extraneous sometimes feels like spam. In fact, a couple or three quality posts a day can be pretty enough in bagging the bucks.

It’s Inspiring Despite Being Genuine:

The prominence of video marketing becomes evident straightaway through the fact that having a video on the home page hikes the conversion rate to about 46%. Well, upon taking a closer dig on the videos over these sites it becomes apparent about the costs involved.

Even an introductory does the job. And, the same video upon being shared over the social media sites just doubles/triples the audience count. If the blogging or tutorial sites can make the most using this strategy, why can’t it be advantageous for a product site?

Taking Most Of The Million Dollar Feedback And Its Advantage:

Customer service has been one of the crucial parts in success of business. The feedbacks received through the process matters a lot. If the feedback is positive, it offers the most phenomenal boost, and a negative feedback, of course, makes the points of improvement apparent.

The point of business here is that there is nothing more effective as a marketing weapon than the positive feedbacks of the customers. In fact, things have gone much more enjoyable in the world of the web, videos, and social media. Just shoot a video of the customer talking about his happy feelings with your product and put it over the social media page. Needless is to mention; people take videos of such really serious.

It’s Like a Readily Served Plate; Just Needed To Take a Bite

It’s almost impossible for a business to survive without an online presence. Hence, applying a compliant online marketing strategy becomes obvious. An online marketing strategy fundamentally is to drag more number of viewers for your site/product. All those expenses of plug-ins, keyword research, etc., are meant for the same intention only. Coming to the social media and video tag team, one hardly needs any keyword research, neither any plug-in. In fact, the audience is already there. The best part, these things hardly cost anything.

Offering For Free And In A Competitive Way!

Perhaps, the terms like explainer video, video marketing, and social media are hugely popular but cost nothing. In fact, these treat its users with something new and upgraded absolutely without any investment. There are so many sites available to fine-tune your video, prepare sliders, etc. Look for the explainer videos, and you will be showered with the number of options. And, the social media is always free. Moreover, the audience base is simply gigantic here. All it needs is to show some real interest in preparing a catchy content and to make the most.